Christmas Card 2017 - 2018

It is the time to follow the tradition of creating a geek christmas card. As I did last year, the one for this year is typed it in javascript. It is much simpler compared to the game of the 2016 Christmas, but I enjoyed coding it. Merry Christmas 2017-2018 The card is a HTML5 canvas used as a grid where different pixelled cartoons appears being drawn pixel-a-pixel. I have coded five different patterns.

Christmas Card 2016 - 2017

Following the tradition of the last years, I’ve made a geek christmas card. This year I typed it in javascript using the improvements of HTML5.

The card is a minigame where a small and blue snowman has lost his hat and you need to help him to recover it. The characteristic of the game is that the snowman moves autonomously once the user gave him a direction. The blue guy moves along the gray platforms until it bounces with the orange corners or falls outside the game.

Christmas Card 2015 - 2016

Christmas Card 2014 - 2015

As the previous years, I continued with the tradition of sending a geed Christmas Card to my workmates. This year I wrote it in R, since it is one of the most used languages at CREAL. The result of running the script I sent (just a source code that loaded a file on the cloud) is seen above. The source code for that can be found at my christmas-card’s github (link) as mc201415.

Christmas Card 2013 - 2014

Christmas Card 2012 - 2013